Prathamesh Shiralkar

Full-stack developer who loves building robust and highly scalable systems.
DevOps and Cloud computing enthusiast.

Professional Experience

Interned with renowned startups as a backend developer
Experience of working at YC-backed startup
Also volunteered and coded for some other organizations.



Backend Engineering Intern | Jan 2021 - Present

Built a new micro-service in Golang with gRPC and HTTP using go-kit. Setup AWS infrastructure for debug and staging environment. Deployed custom mail server for use in prod. Also worked on many small features and fixes that are being used in prod.

FamPay Website


Full-stack Development Intern | Oct 2019 - Dec 2020

Worked as an equal member of a two person team to develop an Online Compiler which takes code and input from users, compiles and executes code and gives back output or error. Worked on technologies like Django, PostgreSQL, Docker and Azure VM. Also developing a Jupyterhub based online Data Science Simulator, deployed on a Kubernetes cluster.

imocha Online Compiler

IIT Bombay

FOSSEE Summer Fellow | Apr 2020 - Jun 2020

Contributed to an Open Source Project which is a platform where instructors can book workshops proposed by coordinators. Being my first open-source contribution, this was a good starting point for my Open Source journey. Also got to know about some advanced Django concepts.

Project Link

Positions of responsibility and Volunteering

Web Lead

Developer Student Clubs, PICT

Technical Coordinator


Pictoreal Website
Volunteer, Web Developer

PICT ACM Student Chapter


Facebook Developer Circle, Pune


I've worked on various projects during internships, hackathons, and also as my side projects. My Projects mainly explore Backend, DevOps and Cloud technologies.

Available on Github



Pune Institute of Computer Technology, Pune
Pune Institute of Computer Technology, Pune
Bachelor of Engineering - Information TechnologyJune 2018 - June 2022
CGPA: 9.34
College Website
Cloud Developer NanoDegreeIssued May 2020


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Prathamesh has been working with iMocha as an Intern for more than an year wherein he helped us with Proof of concepts including the research, design and prototyping of iMocha compilers and Simulators which later were live into production. The language of implementation was Python. He has been an asset to the team showing a great professional attitude, which we didn't expect from 2nd / 3rd year Engineering Students and in addition to that a lot of curiosity , excitement to learning and the keenness to implement the learnings. The reputation of Technical Education in India remains high due to Engineering students like Prathamesh. He would definitely be an asset to any organization he will join. I wish him good luck in his career.
Vishal MadanHead of Engineering, imocha

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I am available on almost every social media. Feel free to ping me. I can help you with React, Node, Django, DevOps, System Design and Cloud Development.

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