Prathamesh Shiralkar

Software Engineer experienced in building scalable distributed systems.
Likes to build products zero to one 🚀

Worked at:


Have a look at some of my hacks!


A gRPC Client designed to improve developer experience and boost productivity.
In open beta, try out now!

Execute It

Realtime Code Collaboration and Execution platform.
Helped win Eduthon - a national level education hackathon!

Online Judge

Platform to host competitive coding competitions, built at college student chapter

Finance-It: Crowdfunding Platform

Built for Razorpay FTX'20 hackathon.
Supports creating and investing in fund-raising campaigns using Razorpay APIs.


Say what my previous colleagues and mentors have to say!

 Pratham is a remarkable young backend Python developer. Despite his age, Pratham's level of knowledge, dedication, and sincerity is truly impressive. His ability to swiftly grasp new concepts and his strong aptitude for problem-solving are truly commendable.

Throughout our time working together, Pratham consistently displayed a keen eagerness to learn, adapt, and excel. His proficiency in Python and backend development is noteworthy, and he has a natural talent for translating complex technical requirements into efficient code.

I am confident that Pratham's unwavering enthusiasm and drive will make him an invaluable asset to any team he joins. His collaborative nature and strong work ethic contribute positively to the overall team dynamic, fostering an environment of growth and innovation. I have no doubt that he will make significant contributions and leave a lasting impact in any organization he joins.

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I am available on almost every social media. I can be of help in Python, Golang, NodeJS, gRPC, Postgres, Redis, DevOps, System Design and Cloud Development.

Happy to connect!