Prathamesh Shiralkar

Software Engineer experienced in building scalable distributed systems.
Likes to build products zero to one 🚀

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I've worked on various projects during internships, hackathons, and also as my side projects. My Projects mainly explore Backend, DevOps and Cloud technologies.

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Prathamesh has been a joy to work with. His determination and ability to build systems under pressure were instrumental in taking GGX to production. Not only this, but his capacity to maintain composure and deal with production issues in stressful times helped us get through the immense traffic we witnessed during our first IPL. He would definitely be a great asset to any team that is lucky to have him. I have personally seen him grow as a team player and efficient contributor over the last 2 years at GGX.

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I am available on almost every social media. Would love to chat. I can help you with Python, Golang, Node,js, gRPC, Postgres, Redis, DevOps, System Design and Cloud Development.

I'm actively looking for a job 👀

Prathamesh Shiralkar

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